How Can Reforestation Projects Improve the Climate of the Earth

Deforestation has detrimental effects on the climate. Though people do not live near the forest, unlike their ancestors did, they often do not realize that deforestation affects their lives in profound ways. Think about the food you eat, the paper you use to write and read, the air you breathe in, etc. These all come from the forests, whether you know it or not.

Reforestation projects – The reasons why you should be part of the cause to combat deforestation

Reforestation projects ensure that you can combat the threats of deforestation. Its awareness needs to be spread. For instance, The Amazon Rainforest occupies over 2 million square miles of land in South America. There is almost 10% of the best-known species in the world that live here. You will find over 1500 bird species, around 40,000 species of plants, and over 2.5 million insect species.

So, if you look at it, the eco-system is dense and diverse. The presence of this forest is important for humans, animals, and plants across the world. So, imagine when humans enter this eco-system and drastically cut down trees, they are actually taking away their oxygen from the world.

Now the next question is- why are trees being cut down drastically today?

The primary reason for the drastic cutting down of trees is agriculture and logging. Forests are being removed for raising crops and livestock. If it is not continued in an environmentally sustainable manner, there will be detrimental results on the world.

Understanding sustainable forestry

The term “sustainable forestry” refers to the practice of replacing the trees that are cut down or removed. This planting of trees needs to be conducted in a supervised manner to get maximum results. It should be done carefully, which is why there are several projects for reforestation that are being embraced in all the world’s nations today.

The practice is simple when a logger cuts down a tree, a seedling for a tree is planted in the ground. Again, in the process of reforestation, mature trees need to be cut down only so that the life cycle of the area is not disturbed. These seedlings are nurtured and grown in special greenhouses under careful supervision. When they have matured to a certain stage, they are removed and planted in the forest where they will offer shelter to animals, bring oxygen to the world, and give humans more wood.

Reforestation projects help the world as the trees planted in the forests can store carbon that is released into the world. When the forests are cleared, this carbon dioxide is released into the air, and this trend is not good at all. The unethical practice of deforestation is the reason for global change. Studies in the past have revealed that the presence of water in the atmosphere has increased by almost 4%, and this increases the temperature of the Earth. At the same time, cutting trees without their replacement is making the ocean and seas acidic.  This is due to the increase of carbon in the atmosphere resulting in a negative effect on Earth.

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