All You Have to Explore About Stock Footage

Short video clips or shots which have been filmed by videographers and made available for purchase are known as stock footage or stock video. These are frequently video clips that were shot while a bigger project was being produced. 

Nonetheless, some videographers purposefully create shorter films with the idea of selling them on stock websites. It may happen because there is a high demand for them, and it has been shown to be a reliable income stream.

How to Use Royalty-Free Stock Footage

You might be interested in the various applications for stock footage now that we’ve clarified what it is. After all, you’ll want to maximize your return on investment. You’re going to invest in video marketing.

Stock Footage as B-Roll

One of the most popular uses for stock video is a b-roll. In fact, you have certainly seen it in every TV program you have ever seen. Those extra video segments are what make the main footage secondary. Cutaways to other locations, such as the street outside an apartment building or an aerial view, might help viewers better understand the setting of the story.

Video Backgrounds

In some cases, all the project you’re working on really needs is a good video background. Yet, you could use stock footage if you don’t have the knowledge, resources, or tools necessary to film the video yourself. It’s ideal for, for instance, playing a certain clip repeatedly and showing it on your website’s home page. Even as a presenting background, you can utilize a video.

Commercials and Ads

In some cases, the original video is not necessary for a commercial or advertising. Stock video material can be utilized as a less expensive substitute in those cases.


Crop rotation or colour-adjusting clips for editorial use is prohibited by some businesses but not by app media. See in-depth blog on apzomedia if you would like to learn something about video licensing.